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 I want to call your attention to several miracle things in connection with Israel, the Blood Covenant people.  Gen 17 ~ Abraham Covenant

This Covenant guaranteed to them physical protection ... protection from their enemies, from the pestilence and from diseases.

When Moses and his people reached Mount Sinai on the way to the Promised Land, God spoke to Moses. It was there that God made a covenant with Moses and the Jewish people that renewed the one he had made with Abraham. At the same time, God gave the Jews the Ten Commandments - a set of rules by which they should live

Exodus 19:3 

They went into Egypt and became a great nation of over three million people.

God brought them forth by a series of miracles that absolutely stagger the human reason.

He did this because He was in Blood Covenant relationship with Israel, and was under bond to deliver them.

As they stood on the shore of the Red Sea, after they had been delivered from their bondage, God said: Exo.. 14:19-31

"I am the Lord that healeth thee." Exo. 15:26 

Then He promised them that none of the diseases of the Egyptians should come upon them. He was their Blood Covenant Physician.

We can hardly grasp this. We know that for forty years they wandered in the desert land.

God gave them the cloud for protection from that fierce desert sun, and at night he gave them the pillar of fire for light and heat.


The Blood Covenant, or what we call the Lord's Table, is based upon the oldest known covenant in the human family.

It evidently began in the Garden of Eden. It is evident that God cut the covenant or entered into a covenant with Adam at the very beginning.

 The reason I believe that, is because there isn't a primitive people in the world, as far as we know, that has not practiced the blood covenant in some form; showing that it had a God given origin and so man has practiced the covenant through all the ages.  Gen. 1:26-30

The covenant with Adam is a two-part statement of God's promise to Adam. The first part of the promise is found in Genesis 1:26-30 and 2:16-17.

It is sometimes called the Edenic covenant. 


There are three reasons for men cutting the covenant with each other.

1. If a strong tribe lives by the side of a weaker tribe, and there is danger of the weaker tribe being destroyed, the weaker tribe will seek to "cut the Covenant" with the stronger tribe that they may be preserved.

2. Second, two business men entering into a partnership might cut the Covenant to insure that neither would take advantage of the other.

3. Third, if two men loved each other as devotedly as David and Jonathan, or as Damon and Pythias, they would cut the Covenant for that love's sake.                                                                         

Damon and Pythias


Damon and Pythias is an ancient Greek myth about two best friends who symbolize the willingness to sacrifice oneself for a friend. 

 In the story, Pythias is accused of plotting against Dionysius, the tyrant of Syracuse. 

 Dionysius agrees to let Pythias return home to settle his affairs, but only if Pythias' friend, Damon, is held hostage. If Pythias doesn't return, Damon will be executed in his place. 

The story goes that Pythias meets with several accidents and unavoidable delays. When the guards lead Damon to the place of crucifixion, he asserts his faith in his friend, but adds that he sincerely hopes Pythias will come too late, so that he might die in his stead. 

The story of Damon and Pythias shows true friendship and self-sacrifice, as well as concern for family, even in the face of death.                                      
John 15:13 There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.


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