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Message from our pastors 

As Pastor’s of Agape Faith Fellowship Church, we want to thank you all for the grace and understanding you have given us, allowing us to grow into this position. 

Your openness has allowed us to learn from our errors along the way and allowed our hearts to be open to set a good example before you.

We came to this position directed by God and at times God has had to challenge us to speak & do things that were outside of our comfort zone, but it was always for your betterment.

We know that we have been called to show God's people His love and we admiringly appreciate the gifts you have recently bestowed to us.


From a very grateful heart we say “thank you!”


Pastor Jamie & Yolanda

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Our earnest desire is to help people overcome life's obstacles by faith & love, reach the lost and help the scattered and the hungry find their way back home to God. 

We are group of believers learning to live the Life of Faith by believing God to triumph over all things. 

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Zoom Bible Study every Thursday @7:15pm

Join us for a great time of getting in the word and fellowship

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